Wordless Wednesday: Playground days

18 08 2010


18 months old.

17 08 2010

18 months really is the perfect age. Somewhere between your sweet little baby, and your Growing little boy.  Jack is becoming his own person more and more each day, forming opinions, and voicing them.  He’s holding conversations with us (however short, and silly) and he’s learning what he can, and cannot do for himself. 

It’s fun to watch as this little person grows, physically and mentally.   To witness the Changes.  Though sad at times, completely rewarding. Speaking of changes we are definately making some big ones.   We are officially on the potty training track. We’re taking things slowly, and letting Jack take the lead – wish us luck!  And because I’ve come to the conclusion that little boys look  so cute in big boy underwear to soften the blow of growing up – here’s a picture.

You’re the mother of a boy if..

15 08 2010

The other night I was doing some dishes which I foolishly thought would be a simple task to complete. Wrong.  Have I mentioned Jack’s absolute favorite thing in the house is the dishwasher? He tries climbing up onto the door, he pulls out the silverware caddy and hides it around the house, and for added enjoyment ( on his part ) he removes nearly every object the moment I put it into the dishwasher (Sharp objects excluded – I add them last when it’s safe of course) .. Anyway so, the other night goes exactly like most other days that I do dishes, So I give in and decide I’ll do them after Jack goes to bed.  Which turns into the next day of course.  This is what I found the next time I opened the dishwasher to finish the previous night’s work, and this is how you’ll know you’re the mother of a little boy.

I don’t even recall him having the cars with him when he was messing around with the dishwasher. Boys are so sneaky.


13 08 2010

Moving right along.  No beach trip is complete without a visit to the aquarium.  The aquarium, like the beach is another favorite of our family, and another of Jack’s firsts.  They had a lot of  interactive stations, Jack loved the horseshoe crab’s open tank.  There are a lot of pictures from here too, but those will have to wait. 

Live in the sunshine, Swim in the sea…

12 08 2010

It feels like it’s been ages since I last blogged and there is definately a stock pile of things I now Have to work at getting posted. We’ve been really busy around here, Busy Moving and settling in ( for the most part ) busy with a much anticipated but short lived reunion with the biggest boy in the house, or just busy trying to find a minute to relax.

We took a family vacation to the beach while we were all together. Our family loves the beach ( like a second home – or maybe even our first lol ) But this was the baby’s first trip ever, We’ve been dying to get him there for a long time, and the time finally came  – a summer month when he’d actually be able to participate.  I don’t know about Karl, but I was secretly worried Jack would hate it and scream the whole time we were there.  I was pleasantly surprised.  in fact very surprised.

These are not nearly all of the pictures I took at the beach, nor are they even the best – I just wanted to post a little preview .

Jack loved the beach.  From the moment I stood him in the sand ( to readjust the chairs/umbrellas we had ) He was running, and splashing and acting like he’d been there a million times already.  He wasn’t the least bit timid testing out the ocean water either.  He ran (Seriously – he ran..) Straight for the sea and spent most of his time sitting in the surf  squealing when the waves came up, and broke around him.  He was perfect.

I have a lot of pictures and activities from the last couple weeks that I can’t wait to share, but it’s going to take some time to get them all up – but it’ll happen.

All gone.

7 08 2010

Because I’m Impulsive, and Get bored with things quickly.

Wordless Wednesday: before there was Rockband

28 07 2010