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23 09 2010

Okay..  So I’ve slowly been planning to re-do Jack’s room.  I’ve slowly found little pieces  that I’ve wanted to put in there, and have put them aside. (I can’t start something unless I know I can finish it that day.. weird?)  I was going after a room that reflected a small child, rather than an infant , something to grow with him for a little bit.  I’m happy with the results – though now that I’ve redecorated the room there are little things I want to get to really “finish” the room, doesn’t that always happen?

So I’ll post the AFTER pictures sometime this week(end) but for now Just for reference between the two here is a before shot:

His room really is a good size (almost feels too big for a small person sometimes)  The toddler bed is new-ish.  he moved into it about a month ago. He currently has two cube shelves – one of which isn’t pictured but is directly across from the one shown on the opposite wall. The table is new, it was one of the things I wanted to have when I thought of re-doing his room. 

Kids love projects, and blocks etc – enter table.   The blue rug, and curtains (semi shown) are part of his new room, but were not a part of his infant room – I just added them earlier than the other stuff ( because his old curtains did a sucky job at blocking light during naps) –

As for the crib, that totally doesn’t match?  (it matched his baby furniture – changing table etc) It’s still in there because even though he’s done so well in his big bed at night time, I haven’t had the guts to test him on staying IN the bed during naptimes yet. so he sleeps in the crib for naps, and the big bed for bedtime (think he’s confused yet? )  and yes.. that means I am moving that crib/toddler mattress between the two, twice every day.   blah!   stay tuned for the after.




2 responses

23 09 2010

you should come decorate my apartment….

24 09 2010

That floor is much to clean to be a toddler’s room 🙂 I can’t wait to see the finished room doll.

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