19 months.

17 09 2010

So it goes.. Your baby always grows up faster than you expect. Waiting for them to arrive seems to last forever, and then you blink.  This guy is now past the 1.5 year mark.  Meaning he is now closer to being two than he is to one.  It hasn’t felt like 19 months already.

Vocabulary:  33 words!  ( I can’t believe this. )  It would be a long list So I’m just going to update his new words

  • bread                        
  • bush
  • ball
  • paper
  • puppy
  • “dip dip”  – (pancakes or anything that involves dip)
  • pig
  • C’mon
  • toes
  • book  ( not new, but it wasn’t on the last list)
  • hello
  • Milk  (also not new, but forgotten)
  • In   (when he wants.. In something of course)
  • One.   (as you say this you hold up both index fingers)

You :

  • Can Kick and throw a ball
  • Jump off the ground.
  • Sleep in a “big boy bed”
  • have been (slowly – we’re taking our time) potty training
  • Know a Pig says oink.  A Cow says Moo.  A puppy says woof.
  • Still sleep with your blanket and puppy every day/night.
  • Climb everything.  coffee tables, baskets, couches, dishwasher doors…..
  • Love matchbox/hotwheels cars.    and trains
  • Love to color
  • Love spaghetti & garlic bread.  Bananas.  Zuchini & squash.



2 responses

17 09 2010

He can jump off the ground now! That’s exciting 🙂 He’s already so adventurous and he’s not even two. I never realized how daring a toddler could be.

That’s quite the list of words hes added to his vocabulary. Its awesome to see how quickly hes picking up words now. I remember when everything was mama, dada, baba 🙂

17 09 2010

He is beautiful….

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