love / hate

23 08 2010

I love that through this blog I am able to document (and share) moments of My life.  To have this to look back on someday, and remember even the smallest events.

But.. I hate how sometimes it starts to feel like a chore.  Somedays When nothing spectacular has happened I find myself with paragraphs of things I’d like to say.  While other days I struggle to form a single sentence. 

As of right now I have a ton of things/topics I want to post about but I haven’t gotten around to it, because the thought has been exhausting.  It’s overwhelming to take a little break and come back with a collection of things you’d be disappointed not to document , but not have the motivation for the job.

I’ll get my act together soon.




2 responses

23 08 2010

I love what you’ve done with this blog doll. It’s the first place I come when I get on the computer, even to just look back at older posts.

23 08 2010

Take your time let it come naturally, I dont wanna see forced pictures of the boys. :))

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