Simple love.

22 08 2010

Just an ordinary picture, from a very ordinary day – that somehow becomes extraordinary in my life.  I’m posting this picture, not because it’s the best picture I’ve ever taken, not because I’ve been so caught up living life that I haven’t found time to document it recently, or because I mentioned my love for Jack’s cute little butt in big boy underwear..

Jon is up and down on a daily basis on how he feels to have a little brother.  I know he loves Jack everyday, and that if needed he’d give whatever he could for him. but… It’s hard to go from a single child – the absolute center of your parent’s world for nearly 9 years to having to share every extra minute with someone else.  Jon may not love it when Jack wants whatever he has at any given moment. He may yell to me to ” get the baby cuz he’s bugging him” more times than I can count on a weekly basis .. but he loves his little brother, and it’s not every day that I can document the simple love between them, the love that only brothers would understand, and that every mother hopes they share through out life.




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23 08 2010

That’s such a cute picture. Jack learns a lot from Jon too. Its so fun watching them play together or wrestle. I like how Jon gets excited to show Jack new things as he gets older and he’s always amazed when jack knows how to do new things. Even when He’s already been doing them for weeks and Jon’s only just noticing.

23 08 2010

The best part is that Jack will always have a friend, he will never know what its like to be a lonely kid, because Jon will always be there for him.

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